When Everyone’s Strange: Making the Song Ep1

Thank you for checking out the video of me writing and recording a new song. This is a series I do each Tuesday and sometimes more. This is a great challenge for me. I am learning to do a blend of entertainment, instruction and creative process in front of live audiences. Nothing like being put on the spot to see what one is capable of doing.

Looking back on my previous live streams, I notice I am starting to develop a better opening and closing, I have a better song template to let me create quicker and I am doing better promoting the videos before and after. It’s a heck of process and I like it. if you check out my progress on YouTube, I think you will agree.

Last month’s song, June 2019, turned out awesome. I’m still using in my new videos. I’m looking forward to doing a repeat in July. Join me again on Tuesdays in July, 2019 7pm Central (-5 GMT) when I will start working on a new song for July in front of you, my live audience.

I use Presonus’ Studio One v4.5, guitars, bass, percussion, midi drums (in this session), synth VSTs, stock and free plugins along with whatever I want to use to make sounds. I use Studio One v4.5 and a Presonus 16 channel rack mounted mixer in my home studio. I will demonstrate my recording process and answering questions. See you there.

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