Make Music Day 2019, Christian Henson and More

So many thanks to Spitfire Audio’s newsletter team. I appreciate you putting out Pedal Pads with the Spitfire Audio Labs instruments and the video by Kate Isobel Scott. I had a right good time creating a composition and experimenting with the video to tell my own story.

Also, a shot out to Alma Cook for the cool stickers. In her Instagram feed she said if anyone DMs her their address, she’ll send you cool stickers and thank you for free. Awesome way to reach out to an audience. Way to go Alma! In the video I said Alma is “soul” in French, my bad, it’s actually Spanish for “soul” How do I know? I wrote a song titled “Soul – Alma – Ame”, that’s how.

June has been good to me. One song done, others started and my first film score. Love it. I just wanted to catch everyone up on the live stream status for June’s song. I finished it early. I liked the song so much I just powered through till it was done. So, the next live stream will be me writing to a 30 second video. Let’s see how that turns out. June 25th at 7pm Central.

Christian Henson Music
Spitfire Audio
Kate Isobel Scott
June’s Live Stream Song called Everybody Wants In
Alma Cook

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