Turning an idea into a song – Session 1

Many times things go right and we don’t notice, when things don’t go right everyone notices. I invited people to attend a live stream of me recording a song in my home studio. So, I prepped and did all the things I knew to do.

  • Schedule a live event on YouTube – Check
  • Send out texts and emails about the event – Check
  • Make sure all equipment was ready to go – Check
  • Connect to YouTube five (5) minutes before start – Check
  • Verify YouTube sees my stream – Not working!

Total invited to watch my live stream, about 30, they all showed up as I hoped but YouTube wouldn’t see my stream. Everyone was patient and gave me five (5) to ten (10) minutes to get things right. I couldn’t. I had to start a new stream and paste in the chat box the link to the new stream and like the champs my viewers were, they went to the new link. Whew.

The event went well. I learned later that I need to change my audio settings to make the levels consistent across the broadcast. I handle that. Thank you for everyone’s patience. So appreciated.

You can watch this crazy stream at on YouTube here. Please sign up for my newsletter and contact me if you have questions/comments/feedback.