My entry in the Waves MyOmni Giveaway Contest

I stumbled upon this in my Studio One DAW news feed a couple of weeks ago. I reviewed the Andrew Scheps Omni Channel from Waves and was completely surprised by the flexibility and design of the plugin. The UI/UX design has “knobs” like real gear but the workflow is a modern design which encapsulates a unique workflow.

The feature I liked best was that all the core items you need on any given track is on one screen. You can reorder any of the modules and they are all “on demand”. Meaning anytime you touch a dial in a module, the module becomes active. Pretty awesome. Additionally, if I need another module in the chain I can pick another plugin and works in the order of the chain where you place it.

Frequently I use subtractive EQ before compression, then add EQ changes post compression. This lets me do it with little effort. There are so many features, I’m not going to bother to tell you them all. There are plenty of videos of Andrew Scheps demonstrating the plugin. I recommend you check those out.

I bought the plugin, on sale for $29 which it regularly is $149, and it is now a staple in my workflow and templates. I’m super happy with the purchase and had fun experimenting with it on a mix I am about to release. The song I used it on is included in my videos below. The first video I submitted into the contest. The second is an shorter version but includes all my comedic attempts.

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