Mixing my home drum recording in Presonus Studio One 4

One of the most challenging and intimidating tasks for me is to record me playing drums. One, I have to play the drums well and two, I have to record them by myself. Recording live drums are the most time consuming part of any recorded song. There are often eight (8) microphones, I have to use Universal Control Surface to manage the Presonus Rack Mounted 16 R III interface and Studio One Remote.

I am getting better at recording the drums and handling the setup but I am still practicing my drumming. I typically record a live performance on midi drums in my studio and do my mix. Then at the end of the mix, I go back and record the drums. This gives me plenty of time to learn the song and get the performance locked in. No matter how hard I try, I still have to go back and mix the drums to give them the sound that I want.

With that said, I finished the mix and am in the process of finalizing the release. I have to do the artwork, distribution and create a track video for YouTube. When I do, I will link everything up to this post. Meanwhile, you can check out how I handled the mix and used the my new Andrew Scheps Omni Channel plugin.

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