I’m entering a mix contest and mixing it via live streams

In the nascence of my YouTube channel I have completed a half dozen live streams. My public streams are typically done with forethought and intention. However, this past Saturday I found a mix contest in my Studio One v4 feed sponsored by Presonus, Recording Revolution and Splice. I listened to the stems, downloaded them and auditioned them to see if this was a contest I wanted to enter. I finally decided I am entering and do my mixing it via live streams.

Enter: PreSonus & Recording Revolution Mixing Contest featuring Briana Tyson

I’m entering and live streaming my mixing process

Why live stream a mix? I’ve entered plenty of mix competitions and found many of the platforms are basically “popularity” contests. The sites are looking for engagement around the mixes submitted. Since I don’t participate that often on the contest sites, I don’t get a lot of plays. That’s fine because I enter the mixes to work on my craft and hold myself accountable.

I took this mix contest with a different mindset. Rather than hold myself accountable to myself, I’d hold myself accountable to the world and decided to work through the mix via live stream. I am surprised at how easy it was for me to start streaming me mixing the song. I know it’s possible that anyone could watch me mix the song and yet I didn’t feel intimidated or worried about how I would come across doing my craft. In some way it was the exact opposite. I found it to be liberating.

It’s between me and the song

I found the confidence in the skills I have learned as a mixer to come out in my exposure to the world. It’s an awesome experience to feel confidence in one’s self and their abilities. To set aside what others might or might not think about my work. I find mixing live really helps me focus to get through the mix in a professional and honest effort. I like it so much so, I’m going to do a third and maybe forth stream to finish the mix.

Do the work behind the scenes and shine in the product

So, after three plus years of learning to mix in the box, produce music, record and do song administration, it feels great to be able to show artists what I can do for them. I think most musicians and artists know, it takes a lot of time behind the scenes to be great on stage. It takes a willingness to put oneself on the public stage when so few do. I’m going to keep doing what it takes behind the scenes to make sure when I step on the stage, I help everyone shine.

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Photo courtesy of : unsplash-logoCarl Heyerdahl

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