How I found my music style an you can too. Five (5) ways I recommend you try.

One of my subscribers asked me “How did I find my music style and what really influences me?” So, I thought about it for a while and came up with five (5) ways in which I found my music style and the influence they had on me. I think there are some practical ideas you can try that don’t take much effort and some will require more. Music is a journey, not a destination. So, go make and/or listen to some music.

Don’t say no before you listen

Seems easy enough, right? You can’t know what you like before you actually listen and you’re likely to miss out on some great artists

Seek out old and new music

I recommend picking out a genre, start in the 2000’s and work back four (4) to five (5) decades. You’ll be amazed at the progression and influence of a genre and get an education in music history.

Play more than one instrument

One instrument is great but two is even more awesome. Something happens to you when you play more than one instrument. I found I played more often and ended up playing any instrument I can get my hands on. You never know when a guitarist will need to fill in for a bassist.

Play with other people

You can learn more about how music works when you have to work with other people. There is nothing like experiencing music with other musicians whether they are “better” or “worse” than you. If you can’t find other people to play with, go see a live show and stand in the front row and do some air guitar!

Try recording music

Maybe not as practical but it’s so cheap and much more practical. I started recording on old cassette tape players. That’s all I had and it provided me lots of opportunities to record music (from the TV). Imagine recording a friends song that they wrote for a wedding anniversary. You have the power to create and influence others. So go do it!

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