We Were Astronauts – Keep It Together

I created a remix with a song, We Were Astronauts – Keep It Together,  provided by the Produce Like a Pro Academy @producelikeapro.  We did a #FridayFeedback with Warren and he provided insights to help make our mixes stronger, as always.  You can find the original song mix on Spotify.

So, I updated the mix according to Warren’s input. I use Studio One, so, I created a project using the master song file and processed it with the Lurssen Mastering Console. I took the same master song file and uploaded it to LANDR. So, I used the same file before the processing in both workflows for comparisons.

With the Lurseen Mastering Console. Settings below.
Lurssen Mastering Console.PNG

With LANDR Medium processing.

#feedbackfriday #remix