Roman Noble – Lost in your blue

Sometimes you start working on a song and you realize the song is working on you. I wrote this song on an acoustic guitart twenty years ago! I have played it in a previous band, Subatomic Pioneers and I just never recorded it. So, I sat down started recording it on the acoustic guitar and then the song changed.

In the course of recording this song, something changed. Something changed in the way I played the song. It went from a “rock” song to some twisted mashup of an Irish country rock dance song. I have no idea when the changed happened or why. I suppose the 1950’s accordian in the song changed my perspective. The accordian was my great uncle’s, then passed to his brother, down to me, his great nephew. Maybe his influence on the accordian influenced this song. I don’t know and it probably doesn’t matter. In the end, I really like the song; always have and always will.

I found an arrangement using drums, fiddle, accordian, two accoustic guitars, two electric guitars, bass and tamborine. I created all the parts but the fiddle. Over a couple of days I was able to polish it and publish it on SoundCloud.
The song hit 100+ listens in a record time for me. Thank you everyone who liked, reposted and listened to the song.