Roman Noble – Hard Pressed

A pounding song to get your energy revved.  Sometimes a song starts one way and ends up another.  This is one of those times.  I started writing a song for an opportunity and to test myself.  This song tested me.  For me, there is a sense of insecurity between the metered pace and driving sounds of the chorus.  I tried to capture the feelings of being between uplifting and pushing back.

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The Sessions – Episode 2 – Finding my voice in a new song

The working title for the song in this session is Just to get by.  I sing the first verse and chorus with different chord progressions and vocalizations.  I  listen to the voice and music shape the song on playback.  I do some improv; which I will probably use some of it.  I don’t know much past that.

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Roman Noble – Hanover, TN

Another song by me.  I had fun writing the lyrics to this song.  Hanover, TN doesn’t exist.  I said the words while doing improv to the initial music score for this song.  I took a two lines; 1. Laundry is on the line and 2. Isn’t it great to live in Hanover, TN and started seeing a picture of a mining town looking to be saved by the railroad.  Even today, many people hope the move of industry into their towns will give them a new life and a new chance.  So, I took those feelings and put it to a simpler back drop.  Hope you enjoy,  I did.   Continue reading “Roman Noble – Hanover, TN”

The ukulele was brought out in public

Last night I went to Edwardsville, IL and hung out with some friends, had drinks and played my new ukulele at an open mic at the Stagger Inn. The drinks and hanging out were planned but I had no idea I was going to play at an open mic.
I bought the ukulele about five weeks ago and love the instrument. It is so much fun to play. In this short amount of time practicing, I feel compfortable with the instrument. I’m no expert in ukes but I do like the sound of it. Continue reading “The ukulele was brought out in public”