Petunia – I’ll Say Hey

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I got this song from the Weathervane Music’s website. They did a weekend workshop with a local artist performing and a group of people learning how to record and mix.

This organization is a super cool organization who’s mission to to make local music and training available to everyone. If you have not checked out their Shaking Through series, I recommend it. Lots of cool bands record their songs and tell their stories.

Again, hope you like it, your feedback has been great. I appreciate it. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

You all are awesome! Have a great week.

Sunday Muse – Fools Gold (Noble Mix)

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Another song I really, really like.  I think this is one of the better songs I found recently.  It’s a couple of years old but still sounds great.

Just so you can compare the difference between theirs and mine, please check out the original at  You can hear more from them at


We Were Astronauts – Keep It Together

I created a remix with a song, We Were Astronauts – Keep It Together,  provided by the Produce Like a Pro Academy @producelikeapro.  We did a #FridayFeedback with Warren and he provided insights to help make our mixes stronger, as always.  You can find the original song mix on Spotify.

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Roman Noble – Hard Pressed

A pounding song to get your energy revved.  Sometimes a song starts one way and ends up another.  This is one of those times.  I started writing a song for an opportunity and to test myself.  This song tested me.  For me, there is a sense of insecurity between the metered pace and driving sounds of the chorus.  I tried to capture the feelings of being between uplifting and pushing back.

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Hemming – All I Want (Noble Mix)

“All I Want Is” by Hemming (Unofficial Remix by Roman Noble)
Recorded for Weathervane Music’s Shaking Through
Vol. 7, Episode 1

Here is another great song originally recorded and produced through the Weathervane Music non-profit.  I took some liberties and tried to own the mix.

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Toynbee Suite by LushLife (Unofficial Remix by Roman Noble)

I found some time to continue doing a new mix from Weathervane Music.  The song is called Toynbee Suite, I have no idea where the title comes from.  The song is a long one.  This is the way the song was recorded, live orchestra, drummer, two singers, etc.  Crazy production.  It took an entire day and like 12 artists to make it happen.  Please take a moment and check out the production and artists videos at

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Alaina Blair – Love it or leave it (Noble Mix)

Another fun song to mix for the academy I am in.  I won’t bore you with the details too much.  I will let you know that the original did not have the intro I included.  I took samples from within the song and added them to the front and reversed one of the guitar tracks to make the song feel a little more spacious in the beginning.

Please let me know how it sounds.

Keeping the dream alive.