Greetings!  Thank you for checking out Roman Noble, the artist persona for me, Roman Clarkson.

This site is the official source for all info concerning my music, art and services.  If you are looking for my music, you can find all the links here on the site; if you are looking for audio/music/podcast services, please contact me with any inquires.  

I am currently looking for artists who are interested in co-writes for sync placements.  If you write, play or sing, contact me and find out what opportunities I am actively working on.

What can I do for you?

My goal is to provide artists, podcasters, archivists and product teams with reliable and quality audio services.  I do mixing, production and recording for artists.  I extend those services into other areas of interests.  Have a podcast you want to enhance on a regular basis?  I can create you an intro, add adverts, add audio treatments to your voice.  Maybe your recorded a family member or friend and you want the audio cleaned up for a personal DVD, I do that too.

My services ARE NOT what you can do for me, it’s what I can do for you.  

Need help?

Basic Audio Treatments

Small Projects


What you can expect when wanting audio correction and touch ups. Prices vary by effort.

My hands are getting dirty

Custom Work


When you need additional instrumentation, full mixing and mastering. Prices vary by effort.

Advice and Ideas



Don’t know exactly what you need? I will try to answer your question and get you the resources you need.

I’ve worked with Roman, remotely, a few times.  He’s great at listening to what I need from the recording – even when I change my mind from one mix to the next.  Quick turnaround, and affordable rates.  Will definitely look him up for future projects!

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JuliAnne Wright

JuliAnne Wright


I’m all over the place when it comes to writing songs.  One week it may be hip hop.  The next acoustic.  Roman has an innate ability to bounce around musical styles and still be efficient.  He’s got that perfect blend of creativity and analytical prowess you want from a producer.  He listens to what you want and then finds a way to provide it while maintaining the tracks original intention.  I would highly recommend him to any artist looking for a great collaboration experience.

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